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 Child Friendly


We want to make your child’s dental visit a happy one!  It is very important that we progress at your child’s own pace, when at their visit.  A child’s first visit can be as simple as a ride in the chair for show and tell, or as much as an exam and fun cleaning.  Our tools become dental friends turning into Mr. Slurpy, Miss Tickler and Mr. Tooth Counter!  The kids always leave happy and with prizes in hand. 

Our new Treasure Tower, is a big hit with kids and they enjoy nothing more than getting their tokens at the end of their appointment.  Being a cozy and personal office, we like to build relationships with our patients and the kids are such an important part of our dental family.  After working closely with children for many years, we are comfortable and confident in making every appointment a great one.

When should your child’s first dental visit be?   The Ontario Dental Association now suggests shortly after the first tooth erupts.  This visit would be mainly for nutritional counseling, and suggestions for cleaning the newly erupted teeth at such an early age.   We advise that by age 2, each child should come to either mom or dad’s dental appointment.  At this time we try to familiarize the child with us, and allow the child to have a ride in the chair, counting of teeth, tickling of teeth…….as much, or as little as the child will allow.

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